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What is the recycled content of your paper?

Our paper contains 30% post-consumer recycled content and 70% from Forest Stewardship Certified mixed source managed forests. Learn more at

Will you ship internationally?

Currently we do not offer shipping overseas. We ship UPS in the 48 contiguous states. We ship by US Postal Service for the states of Alaska & Hawaii.

Where do you find the artwork you use?

Over the years we have developed a relationship with numerous artists, agents and publishers to create our lines of cards. We publish art from some of the top artists in North America. We select artwork that is suitable for our needs from the portfolios of artists and have a contractual agreement with them to use it on a licensed product.

Can I use the images or card designs you have?

Absolutely not. All images are owned and copyrighted by the artist from whom we have received written permission by contractual agreement to use on our product. Any image used by someone who has not received written permission from the artist or from Pumpernickel Press is violating copyright laws. This includes all mediums, print, digital or otherwise.

Can I buy an art print of an image I like?

No, we do not represent the artist for other types of products they might create. Currently we only offer cards. A good option is to look for the artist's own website.

Will you give me an artist name and phone number?

No, for privacy and permission reasons we do not supply this information. Many artist have a public online presence these days, so you might just search the web.

Can I submit my designs and/or artwork to Pumpernickel Press?

If you are an artist, you may submit your paintings for consideration. We will only contact you when we wish to license an image. We do not review or critique portfolios or hire freelance designers. Please review our web site and guidelines to help determine if your art is right for us. Download a PDF of Artist Guidelines

Can I submit greetings I’ve written for your cards?

We do not accept freelance writing submissions.

Will you create a custom card design for me (or my organization)?

We do not typically create custom cards, but consider it on a case by case basis. You must purchase a minimum of 10,000 cards.

Can I drop by for a tour or to buy cards?

No, we do not have a store at our location and we are not open to the public. It’s just an office.

Do you have a certain species of animal or bird available?

All the cards we’ve created are currently offered are on our website. We’ve tried to include keywords to make searching easier, so you can search for a species you like. For example: goldfinch, horse or meerkat.

Would you do a future card with a certain species of animal or bird?

We welcome suggestions and might choose to create a card if there is enough interest. Our cards sell throughout the US and Canada, so an obscure or regional species might not be chosen. If we find artwork that is just too spectacular to pass up we would consider it.

Do your cards ever go on sale?

Yes, we have an area of our website for discontinued and sale items and periodically throughout the year a special offer may be announced. Sign up to receive news from us or check back often.


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