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Pumpernickel's superior quality and unique fine art cards are turning heads! Beautiful artwork featuring brilliant printing and detailed sculptured embossing create a greeting card of distinctive quality. With competitive pricing we have excellent sell-through and have become one of the top-selling card lines in the country. Choose from over 1,000 sku's, handsome wood fixture programs, excellent customer service and quick shipping.

Wholesale pricing and purchasing is available only to merchants who have qualified as a legitimate retailer. You will be qualified as a wholesale buyer at your first order.

For wholesale information or to request our catalogs call 888-760-9012, M-F between 8 am and 5pm EST. We can provide an order form, a credit application or a rep contact for your area to you by email.

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Retail Store Testimonials

Xanterra Parks & Resorts® Retail Buyer

Mimi Tappenbeck

I was hesitant to try Pumpernickel Press greeting cards because I have not had a huge success with other greeting card lines, and space is always an issue in our National Parks stores. But, after a year and a half of going back and forth thinking about them, I decided to give them a try. The cards are like no others and the sales confirm this! They are made from recycled products and are Made in the USA which is a big plus for business in the National Parks. The graphics and 3d look are the best I have ever seen. Apparently, our guests agree…we have sold almost 500 individual cards and 50 boxed sets (@ $19.99 retail) in less than 3 weeks!!I have nothing but good things to say about this product and all the people involved with this company. I highly recommend giving them a try!

Backyard Birds – Plymouth, Michigan

Gene P.

We have customers who are passionate about Pumpernickel Press cards. They frequently comment about the beauty and obvious quality of the Pumpernickel Press cards, they say the sentiments expressed in the cards are "just right." Every year our customers always ask when the Pumpernickel Christmas cards will be arriving so we've never had a problem selling all of the Christmas cards we order! We even have customers who place special orders with us for their Christmas cards.

Kathie's Christmas & Collectibles – Camp Hill, Pennsylvania


Our customers really like that Pumpernickel Press cards for three reasons: they are made in the United States, they are unique from other area card shops options, and the embossing and color – especially on the Christmas cards – really sets them apart from other card lines available in our area. Our employees also like Pumpernickel Press over other card lines that we carry, they even sell better!

Good's Store Dist. – New Holland, Pennsylvania

Kathryn H.

We have been selling Pumpernickel Press everyday greeting cards since 2009 and brought in their boxed Christmas last year. The turn over tells the story – Pumpernickel cards do well, our stores have to do everyday card re-orders weekly! Even the Christmas has good sell through. I personally love the wildlife images and the detailed embossing on all of their cards.

Fun Shop – Middleburg, Virginia

Paige A.

Our customers really enjoy the cute sentiments in each of the Pumpernickel Press cards! They are a great quality product and both their Christmas and everyday lines sell very well for us. Since adding one of their wooden spinner displays to our store in June 2010 our everyday sales have really increased. We also have a very attentive rep that handles all of our needs for re-orders very well.